Tropic it Like its Hot... But Wear your Sunscreen

I love transparency. I love to be honest, real, and drop the Velvet Hammer when necessary.

I wanted to share this story with all of you from last year.

We have always used very good and as natural as possible sunscreen for myself and for the boys. We basically live at the beach in the hazy hot, and humid dogs days of summer. So sunscreen is a must!

When I was a director of education at a school located outside of Boston I had to research sunscreens and more for the kids and parents. I would start my research months before the hot weather hit and have everything ready for the kids to enjoy our Boston summer.

So when I tell you I research, I go deep!

Flash forward to last summer, my son Clark came to me and told me he disliked the Young Living sunscreen. Yes the sunscreen we were using for well over a years. Yes, the same one that I spent countless hours researching and advocating use of.

I took a deep breath and I asked him to tell me why he didn't like it and asked if he could come up with a solution to his issue .

He stated that he didn’t like the feel of it and to him it had a ""scent”. Now, if you know my son Clark, you know he definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. If something feels off or he is feeling an adverse reaction to something he won't stop talking about it.

I kept the conversation going; asking questions, getting him to really talk through his feelings and helping him to debate.

While I can’t smell anything in the Young Living sunblock ; that’s one things I love about it, I couldn't dismiss his opinion.

Many of us find certain oils or products offensive and we either work through the scent or we dismiss the product and don’t use it again.

I told Clark that if he could come up with a solution, find some research and pick the best sunscreen for him, that we would purchase the new one and he could use it.

Off he went to the computer. He typed into Environmental working group ( we bookmark this site and he knows all about it) and immediately found the link for sunscreen.

He looked over ingredients, ratings, and “popularity” and then matched his findings with the list of the top rated sunscreens for this year.

This took several days of research and comparisons.

He came to me with his findings and a sunscreen he thought would be the best for him. He had everything all laid out. I was quite impressed to say the least.

Once I made sure nothing in the bottle would cause an adverse reaction with his allergies and it withstood our family values , I told him that we would buy the new sunscreen.

When a moment like this happens, I am so happy that Clark has been silently observing what I do each and every day. Both of my boys are the reason I’m transforming my body , home, wellness and more in the first place. They motivate me and keep me going.

I want to teach them to love their bodies, to take care of themselves with nutrition, exercise, and knowing everything they are coming in contact with.

They can only learn by what they see.

If they see me exercising, cooking healthy meals, researching products and using only all-natural house+home or body products —- they at least have that as a foundation for the future right?

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