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✨the things you are passionate about are not random. they are your calling. ✨

the things you are passionate about are not random. they are your calling. ✨

I became passionate about gettin g healthy in february 2015 after Lennon was born. My pregnancy was awful- it was 9months of torture! I knew I needed a change and soon after his birth I dove into being the healthiest I could be and beginning a journey of self discovery.

From the beginning-a few years ago-when my eyes were opened up to a more natural, healthy lifestyle I’ve always wanted a little more. We were eating clean, exercising everyday and learning just how good our bodies were designed to feel.

One early morning, I was up at 2:30a breast feeding and needing something to help my new baby go through the ritual of teething. I stumbled onto a post shared by a friend on Facebook. BAM- right in my face! Would this be the product that helps my baby?!

A teething baby who needed relief, snotty noses that couldn’t rest at night. Could essential oils naturally support us while still going through these motions?

I was still so naive about their power, and too timid to really dig deeper into how they could change our lives at home.

But looking at Lennon, I knew I needed to give something a try. So I ordered a bottle of Clove essential oil from Young Living and we haven’t looked back!

💫I even began applying them to myself topically when my hormones were just too much to accept and it worked, I could tell the days when I forgot to apply them.

I am amazed at how good we feel mind, body and soul. We went from clean eating and exercising to overhauling our entire house so that we could continue on our path of being the healthiest we could be for the long haul.

What’s a gal supposed to do when she feels such a passion about something that won’t go away, that keeps reappearing in her life in wonderful ways.

Well she joins a team of inspiring women, she spreads the word to her besties and the women in the checkout line, to the mama at the park chasing some tots around...

She begins a new journey in life✨🌿

I’m inviting you to dive into the world of oils and healthy living along side of me, along the side of hundreds of women who are living happy, healthy and natural lives🌸

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