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may your trails be crooked and winding leading to the most amazing view

What started off as a way to breakup 2020 quarantine/ social distancing has now turned into a passion and given us a new drive for what the future holds for

In early 2020, we were struggling to find a place to enjoy time outdoors while avoiding people and playgrounds, and we found a great solution. We decided to venture into the world of renting an Airbnb.

Our first Airbnb experience was in New Hampshire- we found a beautiful cabin that was secluded. We brought our own food and drinks and even a few toys. We were able to relax by the fire and have a change of scenery.

The boys were able to literally open up any of the doors and head safely into the woods to play. There were many trails to see and new areas to explore.

Picture a property where there are streams and the deeper into the woods you go you see large rocks and fallen down trees.

How incredibly lucky!

Since stepping foot onto this particular property, our love for traveling, making memories, and being together finding hidden gems gave our family a gift that we couldn’t keep to ourselves!

We’re here to say that life doesn’t end when you have kids. It gets more interesting. It becomes more meaningful. And, with the right mindset it positively changes you in ways you never knew were possible.

BUT, it’s not all easy peasy, fun and games. Traveling with kids can be a challenge. And I’m here to show you how to make it all work so that you can reap the rewards!

This right here is my passion.

I’ve decided to shift this space [ ] into sharing more travel experiences, how to navigate the challenges that arise before, during and after travel, and how to grow a greater bond with your children through new experiences and watch their natural curiosity be expanded to new cultures and ways of life all while opting out of travel overwhelm.

Here's to making your trails crooked and winding leading to the most amazing view.



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