Let me introduce myself

Super excited it’s Saturday y’all!!

Thought I’d take the opportunity to do a little #introductions seeing as how it’s been a while! My name is Rachel and momma to Clark and Lennon .

I discovered Young Living essential oils almost 3 year ago and have been sharing ever since! If your YL oily you know these bottles are life changing! Which i totally used to think sounded like a dramatic over reaction- and then I tried them!


They work and they work wellllll (Immune, Respiratory, Skin, Gut, Emotions and Feels, Energy and Rest, Hormones and more- major improvements)!!

But honestly- best part is the people! The community and friendships of people who care about each other and want to not only walk alongside one another in this journey- but they want to support and encourage! The people have been the biggest blessing by far!

Thanks for hanging with me. I can’t wait to share more content with y’all . Happy Saturday friends 🌿

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