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Kidscent Oils; it’s so easy to use essential oils on our littles!

I love the ease and convenience of the Kidscent line of oils. There is literally an oil for every possible situation and issue your child will need support with.

Kidscent line includes:

❤️Geneyus for focus and concentration 👨🏼‍🏫

💛Owie for skin. 👶

💚Tummygize during diaper changes, ate too many goodies +road trips. 💩

💙Sniffleease to breath and calm. 🧘🏻‍♀️

💜Sleepyize to get to bed 😴

While you totally do not have dilute the Young Living kidscent oils and can apply as is, we also make rollers and carry them everywhere we go! I can leave the original bottle at the house and keep these rollers in my small roller pouch and have them in all of my bags!

This also extends the life of the oils a bit further 😂 #lovetosavemoney and also still does the trick for the boys!

I dilute 50/50 for under 4, 20/80 for infants. It’s just my personal choice; you may have a different preference and that’s 👌🏼

One the special features of our MEMBER ONLY lounge is that you are able to purchase samples of several Young Living essential oils. Our Kidscent line is in the shop!

Make sure you are signed up with one of our mentors to reap he benefits of your Young Living membership.

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