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Healing and Thriving with Green Compass CBD

Every so often I get messages from readers and followers asking how my son Clark is doing. So I wanted to give you an update!

For new readers, Clark,was diagnosed with ADHD in September of 2015. We had him on medication for several months. During those months our son was NOT our son. He was lethargic, reactive, sad, emotional and his blood pressure would rise quickly and fall just as fast.

After 8 months with guidance from our pediatric team, we decided to use essential oils to help regulate his behaviors as well as his wellness. 2016 was a new day for our boy. We have been off medication since then.

I will say it was a lifestyle change for the better! My days were surrounded by oils that helped my son.



During March 2020, the dreaded month no one wants to talk about,we saw Clark's nervousness and anxiety start to creep back in. His he couldn't focus and was constantly worried about everything. We skeptically & half-heartedly tried CBD to calm his racing mind. It was a crazy time and with everything going on in the world it was making Clark super worried. It seemed like the oils were wearing off and couldn't settle him the way it once did.

This particular CBD brand didn't help. We kept trying to find his "sweet spot", but it just wasn't working. I wanted so badly for it to work, because I trusted the company. I rearched, I did everything, but in the end it just wasn't what Clark's body needed.

In October of 2020, our essential oils seemed to just stop working. Abruptly. This was literally the worst time for this to happen as we were committed to remote schooling and we needed Clark to focus on work and keeping his mind clear.

I didn't know what to do, as I relied so much on essential oils and our routine.


One evening,as I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and I saw someone I follow was talking about CBD- Green Compass to be exact. So I watched her stories for about a month before asking any questions. True creeper over here! haha

Finally, I decided to try a bottle of Green Compass Broad Spectrum 750mg Blood Orange + Vanilla tincture for Clark. Within 3 days, wow, wow, wow! Not only is it far cheaper, it has transformed the atmosphere of our home. Clark was focused, his teacher was emailing us -asking what we had done because he was paying attention more, not moving around in his chair and his grades were improving and he was actually turning in work before the due date!

I was so impressed! Clark just seemed to be keeping his train on the tracks! He was thriving!


Our Routine:

* Focus and Calm rollers in the morning before school begins. We apply to the wrists, back of neck, feet, under nostrils and spine.

*About 15-20 minutes before school he takes 1/2 dropper of Green Compass Broad Spectrum 750mg Blood Orange + Vanilla tincture

* As needed through the day, he will apply focus roller.

* Before bed, Clark takes 1/2 Nano Jellie and 1/2 dropper of CBD

For the most part with our new routine and regimen we have seen such a change.

**Please know that we also still use natural products that don’t promote hormone disruptors or other risky chemicals.


How am I making an impact?

Once I saw such a positive change in Clark when using Green Compass' high quality, USDA certified organic CBD oil (not all CBD is the same!), that it is grown and produced in North Carolina and truly supports our love of Farm to Family initiatives; I’m decided to jump in and I am now an advocate for Green Compass.

I couldn't pass up this amazing ground level business opportunity that is directly impacting my son (and myself) in health, wellness and also providing an additional income to our home.

If you or your child struggles with anxiety, anger, insomnia, chronic pain, or many other conditions, Green Compass is worth a try! Remember it’s tough being a kid(ok its tough being an adult too!), why not give them a few products that can help make things just a little calmer.

If you have specific questions about our regimen and why we choose them or if you want to learn more about the business/ income aspect, send me a message! I love this topic!

Feel free to email me about how to navigate trying it for the first time:

And if you are skeptical, like I was, this 5 minute clip might convince you!

* Disclaimer: Of course I’m not a doctor and can’t guarantee how this will work for you; I’m just sharing our experience! Consult your physician/therapist if you have other questions.

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