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Dream a little dream

This spray is literally a dream ✨

So many people have been asking how to use dream catcher essential oil and also be cautious about the number of drops the are using. Mainly because they believe this exclusive oil will go out of stock again.

A wonderful way to limit the number of drops you are using is to make a pillow spray.

Lightly spray this on your pillows right before bed to help with overactive imaginations & bad dreams.

Dream Catcher itself is super comforting for kids + adults, but with Lavender & Valor.. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

🌿 Happy Dreams spray:

In a 2oz spray bottle add 12 drops Dream Catcher + 10 drops Lavender + 5 drops Valor + a splash of witch hazel & top with water.

Shake & spritz bedsheets, pillows, lovies and yourself before bedtime snuggles. 😴❤️

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