Diffusing Fall

You guys I love fall! I love apples, pumpkins, mums, going to the farm, apple picking, the cool crisp air, and all the aromas.

Seriously .. close your eyes and think about the following and the aromas that come into your mind ; oatmeal raisin cookies, apple pie, apple crisp, cinnamon infused oatmeal, cinnamon dolce latte, and cider donuts.

Deliciousness right?!

Well this month I want all of you that love those same aromas to take the Challenge and ditch your fall inspired candles and use your diffuser to create these same aromas!

I totally used to buy all the fall candles and room freshening sprays. Every room had candles and plug ins for whatever holiday it was, and febreeze for whatever needed febreezing!! Point being, I don't judge a soul who uses these things!!

I'm just a normal mom who started learning about how certain ingredients can affect our health, and the rest is history!

I switched out the harsh chemicals for my Young Living oils, diffusers, and clean DIY products and changed the game in our house!

I’m cureenrly obsessed with my Pumpkin Spice latte diffuser blend!!🥧🍂

If you or anyone in your family is having health issues, fertility issues, allergies, respiratory issues, headaches, or even skin issues.... ditch these chemicals and see something miraculous happen.

Did you know that we have a special members only section of the website where Essential Rewards members get new diffuser recipes monthly along with other exclusive FREEBIES?! It’s an awesome way to grab your favorite products and be rewarded not only from Young Living but the Lavender and Frank team as well! More of these FALL INSPIRED blends are in the Member Only portion of the site currently.

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