Afternoon Tea- with Immune Support

As a work at home mama , I do need to use afternoon quiet time to my advantage but I also make it priority to refuel myself by taking a few minutes of "me time" to recharge.

Once I get my boys set up with their afternoon snacks and quiet time activities, I have a simple afternoon ritual that I like to call "Recharge Time".

I love the warmth and comfort of hot beverage, so I always have an afternoon cup of tea. This is just one way that I recharge my mama batteries. Before the kids are even settled down for their quiet time, I start by filling my tea kettle and placing it on the stove to start boiling the water, that way it's ready to go when I'm ready.

I also practice Hygee, which is all about enjoying the simple things in life, savoring each experience, and being with the ones you love. It's about creating a sense of home and safety where we can let our guard down. I love sipping my tea with a cozy blanket while listening to the boys interact with one another and grow their relationship.

Sometimes I will grab a book or magazine and incorporate that into my cozy afternoon recharge time as well. Reading every day can slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and dementia and reduce stress by transporting you to a different place. It helps improve memory, focus, and concentration. Be sure to gt your nose in a book for about 15 minutes a day.

I love drinking tea and boosting our immunity all day every day with this powerhouse recipe.

A warm cup of tea makes every reading / cozy afternoon recharge session better!

A full mug of warm water 1 tsp raw honey 1 drop Thieves Vitality 1 drop Lemon Vitality 1 drop Peppermint Vitality (optional) Stir the Vitality oils with the raw honey and drink.

Let's chat about these amazing Young Living essential oils that will bring your tea to the next level! This combo is a sure way to stay above the wellness line. - Thieves Vitality supports your Immune system. Use thieves vitality essential oil to sooth your throat. Or add a drop to a teaspoons of local honey and enjoy! Use the classic thieves oil to purify the air in your home, classroom and even your office by diffusing it. Now is a great time to set up your diffuser.

- Lemon Vitality supports your body’s natural detox process and supports your digestive, respiratory, and immune systems.

- Peppermint Vitality supports a healthy digestive system.

We drink this all year long but it is especially wonderful during the fall and winter months because of its warm spicy taste and immune supporting abilities.

Ain’t nobody got time for the crud!

I would like to know your favorite ways to keep your immune system strong all fall and winter long!

Need more tips to stay above wellness line?

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