7 Healthy Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

We all want it, but it’s so freaking hard to get… healthy hair. After decades of dying, bleaching, straightening, curling, and who knows what else - it’s no wonder our hair tends to turn against us and basically give up. When I realized that my hair was thinning, falling out, and damaged so badly a trim couldn’t save it, I decided I needed to switch it up. I decided to to make a huge effort to make my hair healthy again. I implemented these 7 tips slowly over time, and each of them played a big role in really transforming my hair. It is finally getting thicker and is a bazillion times healthier, I can’t even handle it! So let’s dive in!

1. Stimulate Your Roots

Did you know you can stimulate your roots with oils? Cypress and Rosemary are two great options. Simply rub a few drops into your hair before bed and brush through.

You can also wake up your scalp in the shower by really massaging your shampoo into your head (we will talk more shampoo and washing later). Why do you want to do this? Because this will help your hair grow. It jumpstarts your hair follicles and a good head massage feels oh so good.

BONUS DIY Mermaid Mist

This is THE BEST DIY for stimulating your scalp and helping your hair grow. I like to call it, Mermaid Mist.

My hair has grown so much from using this spray - even my stylist mentioned how much my hair had grown.

✨Mermaid Mist✨

in a 2oz spray bottle place:

- 30 drops Lavender Essential Oil - 20 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil - 15 drops Rosemary Essential Oil - Top with water

Give it a good shake and spray this bad boy all over your roots. I'm talking drench them. I like to use this the night before I wash my hair and right after I get out of the shower when my hair is still wet!

2. Hair Mask

I love a good hair mask. With my growing hair they really help keep my ends soft and hydrated. Think about it, the ends of your hair were once your roots. They're dead so you have to treat them very kindly. A nice soak in a good coconut oil is the least you can do for them!


Here is my favorite hair mask that I do on Sunday nights!

1tbsp Coconut Oil - 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil -5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil -2 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil -2 Rosemary Essential Oil

Mix and rub all over your hair from your ears down then slowly work into your scalp. You want most of the mask to be on your ends!Let it sit for at least an hour. I let mine sit overnight.

Protip: if you're letting it sit overnight then cover your pillow with a towel or use a headwrap so the coconut oil doesn't stain your pillowcase!

3. Natural Hair Care

I’ve slowly been trying to switch out almost everything I use to cleaner and more natural versions. One of the first things I switched out was hair care.Something to keep in mind with natural hair products is that they are not going to feel like the shampoo and conditioner you are used to. When you take out some of the unnatural ingredients, you’ll find that your shampoo won’t really lather as much and it will feel like it’s not working. But it’s just working in a different way! My favorite clean hair products are by Whole Foods 365. I love their lavender standard hair cleanser and moisturizer, along with their volume line. I do add essential oils to both products. Lavender, Cedarwood and Rosemary to my shampoo and Copaiba, Geranium and Lavender to the conditioner. This has helped with hair growth!

3. Minimize Hair Washing Ok, so I know I just gave you the low down on natural hair care and now I'm talking about minimizing hair washing, haha. But who would have thought that dirtier hair is healthier hair?? It took me a long time to become okay with this one. I was a daily hair washer. Sometimes multiple times a day if I sweat a lot. But after being bombarded with the info that hair washing should be limited, I finally caved and decided to give it a try.

I “trained my hair”, as its generally referred, to be able to go longer and longer between washes. It’s nasty for a while. But overall you are left with much healthier hair. I now wash my hair about 2 times a week and supplement with dry shampoo. This dry shampoo recipe below is killer and is my go-to.

BONUS DIY Dry Shampoo

This is how I go 4 + days without washing my hair!

* I Use Lavender Cedarwood Rosemary AND Peppermint in this mixture. Use oils sparingly, 2- 4 drops each is more than enough

5. Minimize Heat I’m sure this one is quite a broken record at this point, but it really does make a difference. I try to let my hair air dry as much as possible to start with. And then if I feel the need to blow dry, I do it - but I ultimately avoid straightening or curling as much as possible. I leave it for special occasions!I also use a blow dryer that reduces the risk of heat damage. I’ve been using and loving the amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush. I had been looking for a hair brush that didn't burn my hair like some of the other brands I had previously tried. This particular hair blow dryer brush isn't loud or extremely hot like many on the market today. I also love that this hair blow brush is all in one. Using a brush, dryer and more tools is often cumbersome, this tool makes blow drying super easy and relatively quick! 6. Collagen

I take collagen religiously for many reasons, and my hair health is a big one. Collagen has tons of benefits and I genuinely think that it’s one of those “wellness trends” that lives up to the hype. I put a scoop of collagen in my tea every morning or add it to my oats. You can put it in smoothies, protein shakes, you can bake with it, the possibilities are endless really. This multi collagen blend is my absolute favorite because you get all the great different types of collagen in one. 7. Hair Training

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Hair Training

Okay, so you've learned allllll the things. Now it's time to implement what you learned. Starting NOW.

Let's get you hair training!

  1. First: make sure you have all natural products. Ditch the crap. I mean ditch it now, throw it away. Don't be all "well when I run out" NO. You don't want that crap on your hair or in your bloodstream. Use to look up your products and ingredients and replace them with natural products.

  2. Second: It's time to start stretching out your washes. We're going to do this in two week increments. If you wash your hair daily now, for the next two weeks I want you to wash your hair every other day. Do this for two weeks and then stretch to washing once every three days for another two weeks. Keep doing this until you reach your ideal stretch time!

  3. Third: Brush your scalp every night - really stimulate the hair follicles.

  4. Forth: Avoid heat - layoff your hair. Seriously, just let it be. Treat your ends like you treat your grandmother. They have been with you for a long time and they are delicate AF. Make a hair mask and sleep with it overnight! Love on your hair and give it the TLC it deserves.

  5. Fifth: JUST DO IT. Your hair is going to detox. ESPECIALLY if you haven't been using natural shampoos and conditioners. It's alllllllll part of the process. Don't give up. Don't get discouraged.Your hair will be greasy - do a dutch braid or toss it in a high pony tail if you can't stand it. But don't wash your hair! It's worth it in the end, I promise you. ❤

So there we have it! Those are my top 7 tips to help rejuvenate your hair and make it healthy & luscious AF. I truly think implementing each of these has made a world of difference for my hair and I’m excited for you to try them out as well.

*To purchase the above mentioned essential oils please visit my site . If you would like more specific information on the essential oils I talk about,please send me a message!

Let me know what you think of these tips and please drop your own suggestions down in the comments!

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