5 Best Beach Reads to Add to Your Summer Reading List

Whether it's beach weather already or you're just looking ahead to days when you can finally stretch out that towel, the best beach read will make you feel like you're basking in the sun.

Remember, even if your summer's hottest reading locale is by the pool in your own backyard, sitting on the porch with a iced beverage beside you — or on the living room couch with the windows open and a fan going — a good book can make any day feel like a relaxing escape.

It's official: Summer reading and beach reads season is here!

For some, summer reading is all about beach reads—those books that are set at the beach or are light and breezy enough to read under the sun in the sand.

I have selected some must-reads books of summer that you’ll love.

Happiness for Beginners

by Katherine Center

I loved the overall theme of the story. Self discovery. It is a page-turning, up-all-night read about how to get back up. It’s a story that looks at how our struggles lead us to our strengths. And how the more good things we look for, the more we find.

Family Reunion

by Nancy Thayer

If you have read any of Nancy's other books, this is classically her! It is a such a feel -good story and perfect book that you would want to read on vacation or while lounging around in own back yard.

People We Meet On Vacation

By Emily Henry

If you are missing your cozy and cute Hallmark movies this summer, this book will be the love story that you are crave.

That Summer

By Jennifer Weiner

You will breeze through this book! Your ideal beach read, full of secrets and complicated female friendships.

The Newcomer

By Mary Kay Andrews

So different than anything she has ever written. It has a bit of a mystery/ thriller aspect woven into the typical beach read aspects that we all have come to love!

Be sure to grab your sunscreen and your floppy hat and get ready to find your next great summer book.

If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them! Be sure to leave a comment.

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